Yaya for a 2-Year-Old Girl

Yaya for a 2-Year-Old Girl APPLY NOW

Pasong Tamo, Quezon City
Miyu Catapia-Velado
Full time

**Job Vacancy: Yaya for a 2-Year-Old Girl**

**Location:** Pasong Tamo, Quezon City


- Care for the toddler, including feeding, putting to sleep, bathing, and ensuring her well-being.

- Attend solely to the child's needs and requirements.

- Collaborate with other household members while maintaining focus on the child.

**Compensation and Benefits:** 

- Monthly Salary: PHP 8,000

- 13th Month Pay (pro-rated)

- Performance-based bonuses (SSS, birthday bonus, salary increments, etc.)

- Complimentary toiletries provided

- Unlimited Wi-Fi access (Note: Phones are not to be used during waking hours of the child)

**Additional Information:** 

- We are a kind and understanding family, prioritizing mutual respect and care.

- The yaya will be included in family outings and activities, especially when the child is present.



- Genuine love and care for children, treating our child as one's own.

- Preferred age range: 20-35 years old (Given the child's active nature, younger caregivers are preferred.)

**Application Process:** 

Interested applicants, please send a direct message. Thank you!



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