CitiUpholstery: Upholstery Premium Deep Cleaning

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could just put your couch in the washing machine? Your couch needs to be cleaned just like everything else, but upholstery cleaning isn’t that simple. The vacuum cleaner isn’t always enough, and spot-cleaning only reaches the surface. Your couch and the rest of your upholstery deserves a deep clean. Having your upholstery cleaned is a big step toward creating a healthy environment. So, what do you do when you need upholstery cleaning in Metro Manila? We can help. Call Citi Helpers now.

When was the last time you had your upholstery cleaned? For a clean and healthy environment, you should have your soft goods cleaned roughly once a year or so, or more frequently if you have children and pets.

Life and Your Upholstery

Your upholstery goes through a lot from day to day. You sit on your couch and generally depend on your upholstery to support you.

Upholstery can handle a lot of things. Still, after a certain point, that upholstery will start to look dingy. Upholstery cleaning can liven up the fabric again.

Managing Allergens

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Does anyone in your household have allergy issues? If you’ve noticed your allergies getting worse recently, you may need upholstery cleaning.

Allergens like dust and pet dander can embed themselves deeply into your home fabrics. You also bring outdoor allergens indoors on your clothes. When you sit down, you can transfer those allergens onto your couch.

Upholstery cleaning from Citi Helpers can remove many of those allergens. You may notice some relief after we clean your upholstery.

Don’t Replace What You Can Clean

Thinking about replacing your soft furniture? Getting new furniture can be expensive, and you may not need to do that. Fabrics can start to look dull as they gather dust and dirt. That said, they may look good as new once we clean them. One deep clean can make all the difference. Upholstery cleaning can help you get the most usage out of your furniture, which means that you get to save money.


Carpet Cleaning

When we clean a carpet businesses take notice. Carpet cleaning is vital to maintaining the health of your employees, and at CitiHelpers, we are more than prepared to take on this task for you. Steam cleaning, shampooing, foam cleaning, or dry cleaning, CitiHelpers will ensure that your carpet maintains the look and health of your space. Bottom line, we can clean a carpet that you will be proud of.

Upholstery Deep Cleaning Involves:

  • Power vacuum
  • Premium shampooing
  • Premium steaming
  • Industry-grade extraction
  • Deodorizing